• "PE Fit is bringing teachers the chance of a lifetime to positively influence the direction of their student’s future health & wellness."- Dr. Troy Smurawa
    Community Youth Fitness Director
    Akron Children’s Hospital
  • "The kids found something that they enjoyed doing - and found parts of what we did in class fun."- Linda Nickson, PE Teacher
  • "The PE Fit program is awesome. It covers everything a teen would need to know to lead a healthy lifestyle and it does so in a friendly, fun way."- Merrin Richardson, Ohio 2007 Secondary
    PE Teacher of the Year
  • "The addition of more fitness activities has encouraged the non-athletes to participate more and they are enjoying Physical Education."- Mike Moran, PE Teacher

    "I was pretty fit before my PE Fit class but now...I am outside more often, I have corrected my food portions, I try to eat all of the food groups and I eat less junk food."- PE Fit Student

    PE Fit’s online GET FIT Program motivates students to increase physical activity & improve eating habits through a system of rewards. Individual incremental improvements are rewarded and celebrated as students accomplish goals, complete lessons, log lifestyle habits and meet challenge milestones. PE Fit’s online GET FIT Program simplifies the work of the physical education teacher by providing the educational component for health related fitness, basic nutrition concepts, as well as, the NASPE National Standards with assessment projects. Register to participate in the PE Fit GET FIT Online Program Pilot beginning in January 2013!

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