About Us

The PE Fit® Program was born out of a desire to help students realize the connection between diet, activity level, and physical fitness. Unfortunately, teens do not understand the connection between dissatisfaction with their bodies, health problems, lack of energy, poor academic performance, and their nutrition and exercise habits.

So...in 2001, Betty Kern, MS, CSCS started a girl’s only “Personal Training” class at Springfield High School in Akron, Ohio to help young ladies understand the connection between these health and fitness variables. The class incorporated a variety of fitness activities, student journals, activity challenges and lessons on nutrition & fitness basics. The class really opened the girl’s eyes to their habits and taught them what they were missing with regard to fitness and nutrition. The class was a run-away success and often had a waiting list to take the class. Teen girls were motivated to exercise more often, dropped poor dietary habits, incorporated better nutritional choices and improved their sleeping habits. As a result, the superintendent suggested we revamp the general physical education program to be more fitness focused. And so began the journey of the PE Fit curriculum and company.

Betty Kern, MS, CSCS is the creator of the PE Fit programs and the founder of the PE Fit, LLC. She holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology & Fitness and has been teaching in the Springfield Local School District in Akron, Ohio for over 20 years.

The PE Fit Advanced Nutrition & Activity Journal (high school) was first published in 2006. Since that time the PE Fit Program has expanded to include upper elementary, middle school, teen girls, college freshman and adult wellness curriculum. The PE Fit Journals have been updated to keep current with Physical Education Standards and new assessment tools. PE Fit also offers a GET FIT KIT that includes over 325 station cards along with 5 workout videos. Teacher’s Editions as well as fitness instruction books also round out the PE FIt curriculum. Visit the PE Fit website at www.pe-fit.com to view the full curriculum.

PE Fit has worked in conjunction with Akron Children’s Hospital and Kohl’s Community Youth Fitness Program to bring the PE Fit Programs to schools in NE Ohio for the past 6 years. Through the Kohl’s grant program we have reached over 40,000 students with the PE Fit Programs in grades K-12 and exposed them to a variety of fun fitness activities.

PE Fit continues to strive to help teachers, students & parents understand the importance of physical activity, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle while keeping current with Physical Education Standards, assessments and new technology!

Betty is a regular contributor and presenter at the National AAHPERD Convention, and has been keynote speaker at the Alaska state AAHPERD convention and presented at dozens of state PE conventions. Betty regularly conducts professional development workshops on the PE Fit Programs as well as on various fitness activities & fitness related topics.